Feng Shui Lotus Flower Crystal Tree

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Lotus flower is a symbol of purity and elegance, is also regarded as a gentleman in Chinese culture.

It also is a symbol of Buddhism; there are many Buddhism words relate with lotus in China. Many people believe that Buddha can bring happiness to the world, and it can defend people from evil spirits, so they regards lotus as a flower of auspicious and peaceful.

In Chinese, the word of lotus is called "Lian", it sounds like "continuous", so it also become a symbol of good fortune and wreath continue for a whole year.


Product Information:

Size: height 26cm* width: 25cm

Material: Artificial Crystal


Details of Product:

Using hardness and clear K9 crystal materials.

Came out of mud yet is not contaminated,
Washed by ripples yet is not voluptuous, 


Placement with Best Feng Shui Effect:



Can't be placed in front of the toilet or kitchen