Feng Shui Silver Wu Lou Tassel

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The Wu Lou is popularly known in the English language as a Calabash or Gourd. It is capable of bringing into the home an abundance of blessings. Over the centuries, the Wu Lou has been a symbol of good health, prosperity and longevity. The Wu Lou (also called the Hu Lu) or calabash serves as an important enhancer in Feng Shui.

Product Information: 

Size: 38* 26 mm

Material: Silver

The price just for one Wu Lu

Details of Product:

The shape of the Wu Lou plays a key part in the way it's viewed; a portrayal of the unification of heaven and earth. The heaven is represented by the top half of the gourd, while the bottom half symbolizes the earth. Humans making use of this gourd shows a perfect balance between heaven, earth and humanity.


Carry or hang this Wulou amulet near you as it's said to attract health energies and prevent any diseases or health problems.

The Wu Lou is also said to have the ability to absorb bad chi, for the reason that Taoist monks use the gourd to incarcerate evil spirits. 

The famous Chinese character "Fook" or "Fuk" can mean good fortune, happiness or blessing. It symbolizes good wealth, health and riches.


Keeping this Feng Shui cure in your bedroom can help you if you are down with health problems or constantly facing health issues.

Place the gourd on your work desk at the office or any place you work to fend off bad chi which can negatively affect your career. 

It is a good gesture to present a Wu Lou as a birthday gift to an elder; it's believed that the gourd can bestow a long and healthy life upon them.


You can prevent harm or bad things from happening to you by placing a Wu Lou in your bag or hanging it in your car.

Placement with Best Feng Shui Effect: