Feng Shui Flying Star 2019

Using annual flying star chart of the year is an easy way to optimize your luck and energy,  you can analyze the positive and negative direction of your house or office with it. 

 Here is the flying star chart of 2019:


We already add the suggestions of elements stuff which you can put it in the corresponding direction to improve your luck or protect you from the negative energy in this chart. 


Stuff of 5 Elements:

Metal: anything made with metal and can make sounds, such as bells, wind chimes, music box, key chains and so on.

Feng Shui Bronze Wenchang Pagoda       Feng Shui 12 Chinese Shunzi Coins Tassel  

Wood: any plants except cactus.

Feng Shui Boxwood Fu Lu Shou On Stand   

Water: water plants, fish tank, or simply,  a cup of water.

Feng Shui Crystal Globe with Lotus on Ceramic Base    

Fire: any red stuff

Earth: stones, crystal, gem or anything made with nature stones. 

Feng Shui Crystal Wenchang Pagoda     Feng Shui Amethyst Agate Crystal Lotus Flower      Feng Shui Obsidian Globe on Base

Placement suggestions for each direction:


If your job is relate to technical, army, computer fixing, put earth stuff  (8 white stones) at the east direction of your house can improve your career.  For wealth, you can put water stuff at this place.


Use water stuff at this direction can improve your wealth.


Placing pink stuff in south position in your house will help to solve badness. Attention, Not applicable for those profession close relate to speaking,like Counselor, Host, Sales person etc.


Pay attention on Respiratory system, Abdomen disease can refined to: lungs, throat, trachea, gastrointestinal. Combining the situation if the house door facing Southwest, kitchen located in Southwest, or you bed put at Southwest in the house will increase current disease.Place metal product in Southwest position can resolve the problem.


If you are looking for strengthen Interpersonal relationship, put a glass of water in the West is good for fasten relations of Couple.  Placing a glass of water with a metal music box and remember play music occasionally will catalytic relationship around you even for people with career.


When you having problem or hesitate on marriage, set 4 potted plants and 9 branch flowers in Northwest can help settle down the marriage.This also help If you already marriage and planing having kids, or furthermore you already have kid can transfer to help your career.  


Plant 4 Dracaena sanderiana in the North will help the people who still in study or promote Signing a contracts, documents which still in processing.


If the house door, kitchen, bedroom is facing North east, the people who living the house will get Abdomen, respiratory system, throat, trachea, etc. disease easily.For solve these disease,you can put the metal product which can bring out sound, such as metal music box and Wind chimes. Besides, lay a red carpet in turn can help release the pain of Diarrhea and stomach aches.


Put a glass of water, any kind of Hydroponic plant, or Fish tank in Center can Increase wealth.