Feng Shui for Monkey 2019

Year of Born:

1932, 1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, 2004, 2016


Last year Monkey may have a lot of chance for travel because of the influence of star "Yi Ma", this influence is still last to the early of this year. Monkey is offended "Tai Sui" this year, that brings many issues, most of them may cause by family, it's better for Monkey pay more attention for the feelings of other family member this year. 

Because of the offended Tai Sui, it may cause health problems for kidney, bladder and urinary system. Especially for female, be careful for the diet at period or it may cause more pain.

Monkey may want to start to learn a new thing or start a new business project this year, if it is for about leaning a new subject, or start a new hobbit, that is good for everyone, but for business and investment, for autumn and winter born Monkey,  it is better not,  the Feng Shui of next 3 years is not helpful, so it would be very hard for get back good result. 


 Good stars of this year:

"Tian De"

The is a kindness star, you will have good fortune with your kindness. 

"Fu Xin"

This star means someone will help you when you are in trouble.


Bad stars of this year:

"Jie Sha"

May lost money because of friend. Be more careful when your friend borrow money from you. If they ask you to be a guarantor, please be mentally prepared that they may not repay within this year. 

"Juan She"

This star means you may easy to have argument with someone, use some Pink stuff at the South, and some water at the West of your apartment may avoid this negative energy. 

"Pi Ma"

Pay more attention on the health of the elder member of your family, go see a doctor if they have anything wrong.