Feng Shui for Pig 2019

Year of Born:

1935, 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007


This year is your zodiac. 

Chinese Feng Shui often consider that you may have big changes of your life in the year of your zodiac, it is calling offence Tai Sui, such as get marry, have a child or change your career. Actually the influence of Tai Sui is change the inside of you, your emotion.  You may become more emotional than other years, so think more about it before you make a decision, is this really you want? Don't let your emotion control you.

For twelve year old Pig, the may have genitive emotion because of family or academy.  If you have a twelve year old kid in your family, so more care to her this year, the support from family will help her to get rid from the bad feelings. 

For twenty-four year old Pig, may easily to have relationship changes, accident hurts or surgery. If you already in a relationship, you may probably get marry or break up, if you a single, you may meet someone and have a relationship this year. 

For thirty-six year old Pig, it may possible be the most emotional year for you. Especially in November (Lunar October). It's better to have a plan of vacation during this time, that will reduce the negative feelings. 

For forty-eight year old Pig,  because you already have the some experience of life, so may not as emotional as you are in thirty-six. But it's also a good thing to have a vocation on November (Lunar October). 

For sixty year old Pig, the influence may possible be the health problem. So make sure to have a body check of yourself this year. 

For seventy-two and Eighty-four Pig, it won't be have too much influence of Tai Sui, because their experience of life is very helpful for control the emotion.

For planning the vocation this year, for spring and summer born (birthday between Mar. 3rd  to Aug. 8th) can make a plan to the west,  north, northeast, northwest direction.  For autumn and winter born (birthday between Aug. 9th to the next year's Mar 2nd) need to go to the east, south, southwest and southeast direction. You may get opposite result if you go the wrong direction.   

If you can't have a vocation this year, then try not to drive during Lunar October, and remind yourself to be optimistic and positive. 


Good stars of this year:

"TIan Jie" "Jie Shen"

These stars can reduce the influence of the bad effect Tai Sui bring to you. 


Bad stars of this year:

"Jian Feng" "Fu Shi"

It means you may get hurt may metal stuff. For avoiding the unexpected accidents and hurts, you can choose scaling or blood donation in Luna April and Luna October, these behavior looks like you had been hurt, so you would have less chance to get more. 

"Zhi Bei"

This is means someone will do bad things to you in secret,  false friends are worse than open enemies, it's very hard to avoid because you don't know who do that. For reduce the influence, you can put a cup of water at the west side, and pink stuff a the south side of your apartment. 

"Fu Chen"

No clear direction or get lost. Need to slow down and think more if you doing a thing in a very long time and can not get any effect. 

"Xue Ren"

This star also means about hurts by metal stuff. So be more careful when you are cooking or drive. And don't forget scaling or blood donation at Luna April and Luna October.