Feng Shui for Rabbit 2019

Year of Born:

1939, 1951, 1975, 1987, 1999, 2011


It's a San He year with Rabbit and this year's Zodiac Pig.  The luck for relationship and friends are better than last year. And next year is the Tao Hua Luck (Peach Blossom Luck) year for Rabbit, so Rabbit will continue to have good human luck recent years. 

Spring and summer born Rabbit will have good luck this year,  autumn and winter born Rabbit may not has as good luck as spring and summer born Rabbit, but they also can get helps with other person when they are in trouble, they just need to pay more attention of it. 

This year Rabbit can easy get money, even they don't need to work very hard, under the helps of other person, they still can have great reward. 


Good stars of this year:

"Jin Gui".

It's a star for money luck. It you help Rabbit to increase their wealth and savings. For the Rabbit who live from paycheck to paycheck, may also can save some moeny this year. 

"San Tai"

It's a star helps career,  Rabbit work in office will have chance of promotion. Also can helps self-employed Rabbit to get more reputation of their business. 

"Jiang Xing"

The star of power,  with the help of "San Tai" Star,  it a good symbol for Rabbit's career. 


Bad stars of this year:

"Fei Fu" "Guan Fu" "Nian Fu"

These stars means Rabbits may easily be accused this year because of forget to pay bills, or littering.  Since they also have good "Ren Yuan", so it won't cause too much trouble. It also may means that Rabbit may have some issues due with government departments.

For avoid lost, be compliance, don't driving under the influence.  

 "Wu Gui"

Some of people may jealous of your wreath or achievements, they may said bad things behind you. They won't make influences for your life, so just ignore them.