Feng Shui for Rat 2019

Year of Born:

1936, 1948, 1960,1972, 1984, 1996, 2008


This year is Rat's Tao Hua Luck (Peach blossom luck) year, it's not only for attract love and relationship, but also good for friendship and meet new friends. 

This year, Rat may easy to start a relationship with people which they already know , but easy come, easy go, unless this relationship can last to next year, if you consider it as a friendship, that you can get much more benefit from it, especially for someone who already married or have a stale relationship, this friendship would be a great help for their career. 

Rat may need to work very hard to get what they want this year, but whether it is good is base on the what kind of job you are doing. For self-employed Rat, the bigger workload means bigger revenue, that is a very good year. For Rat in business career, it may not get more money from the bigger workload, but definitely can get more business opportunity of it, that is a great chance to get more income. 


The good star of this year is the "Tai Yang" .

That is a symbol that male Rats can easily get help from their boss and work partner. It is a good sign for their career. 


The bad star of this year is the "Tian Kong" 

That means that there may be accident happen and t makes Rats can not follow their plans. But "the plan is nothing, planing is everything",  don't be upset that thing are not goes as your wish, keep your mind clear and keep planing ahead, be flexible to solve the problems, you will reach your destination finally.