Feng Shui for Snake 2019

Year of Born:

1929, 1941, 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, 2001, 2013


Last year is the Lao Hua Luk year for Snake, so you may probably got married last year. If you are in a relationship but not married, you must be more careful this year.  Because Snake is offend Tai Sui this year. That means your life would have big changes this year. It would be your career, your house or relationship. Snake in relationship may easily get break up, but single Snake may start an relationship this year. 

For the Snake who want to change the apartment this year, considering more on the apartments flying star curse would be better. Generally,  choose the apartment which front doll face on Southeast and Northwest is good for wreath and family. For the front doll face on South and West, it is better for wreath, face on East and North are better for family. Do not choose the apartment face to Northeast and Southwest.

The career of Snake this year could be polarized. For spring and summer born Snake is a good chance to getting better. But for autumn and winter born Snake, it is better not to make any changes on career, if you have to make some changes, it is probably be a worse situation, be prepare for it. 

The elements for Snake this year would full with Fire and Water, they are also destructive with each other, so Snake may easy get hurt on their foot, butt, face and tooth, especially be careful on May to November. And also may have traffic accidents or get hurts on road, must be more attention when driving a car, walk on a street and stairs. For avoiding the unexpected accidents and hurts, you can choose scaling or blood donation, these behavior looks like you had been hurt, so you would have less chance to get more. 

It's look like a travelling year for Snake, you may have many chance of business trip or vacation. for some of the people who enjoy travelling, that is a good news. But for someone who  more enjoy stay at home, may not be happy to hear that. 

Snake may also have a chance to increase their power on career, for Snakes work in office will have chance of promotion, self-employed Snake can easy to get more reputation of their business. 


Good stars of this year:

"Yi Ma".

This actually not a common star, it means you may have a lot of chance to travel. 

"Yue Kong"

This star can reduce the bad star's influence for Snake this year. 


Bad stars of this year:

"Da Hao"

The zodiac which offended "Tai Sui" will have this star follow them, that means Snake would spend a lot of money on some big changes this year, such like moving to another department, get married, brake up or child birth, or some unexpected money spend. 

"Sui Po"

This star is also means offend "Tai Sui".  It brings accident hurt for foot, butt, face and tooth. You can scaling or blood donation to make yourself looks like you already hurt to avoid the accidents.