Feng Shui for Tiger 2019

Year of Born:

1938, 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998, 2010


The zodiac Pig is a good support for Tiger, it's a stable and safe year for Tiger,   the luck for relationship and friends even better than last year. . 

This year, Tiger no need to work too aggressive, because you may make more mistake when you do more, so time to slow down and think more about it. But for spring and summer born Tiger, it is better to work a bit aggressive, with the help of "Pig", you will have better "human luck" than last year, that would help your career. 


The are 2 good stars this year:

"Tai Sui Union".

That means the zodiac Pig this year it good for your zodiac Tiger. It also means Tiger can easily get help from someone when you are in trouble.  

"Tai Yin"

It's a symbol that female may bring you great help for Tiger's this year.


There are also some bad stars this year:

"Wang Shen" 

Tiger may lost things this year, it is not something have great value or a lot of money, but something daily use, or something memorial. 

"Gu Chen" 

It means sometimes Tiger may feels lonely and unhappy this year, especially winner born Tiger. Spend your times with friends when you feel upset, that would be helpful. 

"Tian Guan Fu"

It's a star which brings you trouble. But under the help of "Tai sui union", Tiger can take over it easily.