Feng Shui of Dragon 2019

Year of Born:

1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000, 2012


Last year, because of the influences of "Tai Sui", Dragon may have big changes on their love life. If you had already got married or have a child last year,  the relationship with you and your lover will become better and better this year.  But if you had divorce or break up, you will have good chance to start a new relationship this year. 

Dragon has the best money luck amount 12 zodiac this year, except the money luck, dragon also have great "Tao Hua Luck".  It is easily to get what  you wish this year. 


Good stars of this year:

"Hong Luan".

A star for good relationship. For single Dragon,  may probably meet someone to start a long tern relationship this year. 

"Yue De"

It's a star for kindness, that means Dragon will always land on their feet  with everything this year. 

"Ban An"

This star can help Dragon to get promotion on their job, or  be reputed by their business. 


Bad stars of this year:

"Yin Sa"

Female friends, college or boss may cause you some trouble this year. 

"Si Fu"

This star may cause illness, but dragon is in the good luck this year, so it may  only cause a little trouble with health this year, probably a cold. 

"Xiao Hao"

Dragon may spend some money this year. It could be a new car, or some expensive things you always want to buy.