Chinese Landscape Painting with Wood Frame

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Landscape painting is a traditional auspicious painting in China. It is always green, backed by mountains, water (financial), and peaceful. 

     A                                                B

Landscape painting generally emphasizes that the water part represents the source of finance, and the flowing water such as the waterfall is a good sign for the endless stream; the mountain means the meaning of the backing, and whether it is doing business or career, it will encounter a backing.

Product Information:

Diameter:  50 cm

Material: Canvas

Type A

Type B

Each painting has mountains and water, which means "Wang Dingwangcai", because "the mountain is a man, the water pipe is rich." Each painting has a waterfall or a stack of springs, because the waterfall means that the financial resources are rolling, the source is long, and the left and right waterfalls or the stacked springs mean the right and left. The water pool means the cornucopia, and the boat is all inward, meaning the smooth sailing. 

Of course, there must be people living in such a feng shui treasure, so there are small bridges, flowing water, and people in the mountains and rivers. This "people" is backed by the mountains, meaning "heavy" is thick.