Feng Shui 12 Chinese Shunzi Coins Tassel

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When employed by humans, coins serve as an emblem of the balance between heaven, earth and man.

Chinese coins have been a very desirable symbol since centuries past, serving as a representation of wealth and prosperity. The coin has a peculiar design and portrayal; it is seen to symbolize earth surrounded by heaven due to its round shape and the square hole in the lot center. Which is why they are an emblem of the balance of the “Heaven-Earth-Man” when employed by humans.

There are two sides to the Chinese coin; the Yang side which features the four Chinese signs of the reign of the emperor, and the Yin side which has two characters.


The coins are mostly held on a red or gold string. The number of coins on the string has a meaning in accordance to the auspicious Chinese numbers: three signifies the balance between heaven, earth and mankind, six stands for heaven luck and nine represent the entirety of the universe.

The 5 Chinese coin is refer to the coins from 5 Emperor of Qing Dynasty.


Five coins call upon the five "Emperors of the Universe" to safeguard you from harm and danger and also to bring forth wealth luck. In addition, five coins symbolize the five Feng Shui elements (metal, wood, water, fire and earth) for a balanced and harmonious life. The coins are tied in a red string and a mystic knot to bolster its energy.

The Shunzi coins Tassel are made of 12 coins of Shunzi Emperor:



 Will be packed with box, it could be an excellent gift for your friend or family.



The 12 Shunzi Coins Tassels can be placed in the cash register section of business telephones as it's reputed to improve customer awareness, thereby bringing more sales. They can as well be placed in the section that handles money, for example, cheque book, wallet or work desk.

Please avoid it from water, and avoid the touch and use by other person.


Other ways in which this good luck charm can be employed includes:

According to Feng Shui Bagua, the Northwest sector controls all Mentor Luck and placing this Feng Shui cure in this sector WI provide you with the necessary aid to succeed in your career.

Placing this lucky tassel in all four corners of any room (home or office) will enable them to generate a strong energy for health and wealth.

It is believed that you can obtain a greater flow of monetary increase by attaching five coins each to all the important documents in your life (cash trackers, bank books, cheques, business portfolios).

Hang the lucky tassel in the Southeast sector of your living room, bedroom or office to enhance the wealth corner effect.

Placing a five Feng Shui coins tied in red thread (Yang side up) on office hardware (such as fax machines, printers and cash registers) can improve customer awareness, thereby promoting business opportunities.

Hang the five coins tassels over your car dashboard to subdue evil energy that is the root of accidents and death. This will enable you to have a safe and smooth journey by taking away any form of bad chi.

It is recommended that the Chinese coins be cleansed on every Lunar New Year. As they are cheap, you can easily buy new ones, or you can choose to put them into a singing bowl and renew with incense.


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