Feng Shui Brass Buddha with Kids

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Feng Shui Laughing Maitreya Buddha with Tongzi Children Porcelain Statue.   For Fertility, Protection and Harmony


The Laughing Buddha is a representation of health, protection and prosperity. It has the purpose of sharing its special gifts. Around the laughing Buddha are five Tongzi Kids that represents the joy and happiness brought forth by children. You can use the Laughing Buddha when you want to solve problems with fertility and/or want to protect children, as he is the "Guardian of the Young and Innocent".

Product Information: 


Small: Length 11 cm*width 13 cm *height 16 cm, wight: 1.8 kg

Large: Length 24 cm*width 19 cm *height 29 cm, wight: 5.9 kg

Material: Brass

Details of Product:

Have the Happy Buddha displayed in your living room, dining room and your office to bring good luck to home and also to make your business successful.


You can improve and better your life with the Buddha power. It makes the things in your life smoother and much easier, and help you obtain anything you desire.


It offers protections over your home and business.


The happy Buddha is a great gift for a collector of Asian antiques or special someone.


You can keep it in either your home or with you to obtain wealth, prosperity, success and miracle power.


The happy Buddha is really a great collector's item!