Feng Shui Brass Money Frog on Treasure with Coin

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The use of the Feng Shui Money Frog has deep symbolic roots. It is a mythological creature with three legs that is said to attract wealth and abundance.

Improve Wealth

The money frog also called the three-legged toad or money toad comes from Chinese folklore. Frogs and toads are associated with water, which is symbolic of wealth. It is common for a money frog to have a coin in its mouth, as an offering for the owner or the household where the frog resides. 



Product Information: 


Size: height 10cm* width: 10.5cm

Material: Brass


Size: height 10cm* width: 10.5cm

Material: Brass


Details of Product:


Brass Frog

The Jin Chan, also called Chan Chu or "Zhaocai Chan Chu", is most commonly translated as "Money Toad" or "Money Frog". It represents a popular Feng Shui charm for prosperity.

Gold Frog

The Jin Chan is usually depicted as a bullfrog with red eyes, flared nostrils and only one hind leg (for a total of three legs), sitting on a pile of traditional Chinese cash, with a coin in its mouth. On its back, it often displays seven diamond spots . 


Placement with Best Feng Shui Effect:

Traditionally, the money frog is placed in a home's feng shui money area or wealth position. This is usually the corner of the home that is diagonally opposite the entry door and is known as the primary wealth position. The corner opposite (straight across from) the primary wealth position is the secondary wealth position.

In addition to placing a money frog in the money area, you can also place a second money frog close to the front door. In this case, it's important to position the frog so that it looks inside the house rather than facing out through the entrance. You can also place a money frog so that it faces your Money and Success feng shui direction.



Can't be place your money frog directly on the floor, but rather on a raised surface, such as a cabinet. 

It should Not be in the middle of a room, under a window, or in a hallway or traffic area. Also, it is best not to place a feng shui money frog in your bedroom or in your bathroom.