Feng Shui Brass Monkey on the Horse

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One of the most popular portrayals of the rise to power is that of a monkey riding a horse. The cleverness and flexibility of the monkey are combined with the loyalty, power and strength of the horse. The both collectively become representations of fast promotion that can be employed by those who desire a career promotion.

Horses are known in Feng Shui to boost career luck and open doors to business opportunities. This is further enhanced to a higher level with the introduction of the Monkey. In Chinese, the Monkey sitting on a Horse is "Ma Shang Feng Hou" which is pronounced like "Promotion is fast approaching". In addition, in Chinese Feng Shui, Horses which are the seventh sign of the Chinese Zodiac, represent loyalty, victory, nobility, strength, perseverance, success, power and freedom. Having Horse figurines in your home or office is believed to help intensify and augment all the positive attributes and characteristics it symbolizes. The ninth sign of the Chinese Zodiac, Monkeys, are playful and agile animals, which are also highly intelligent and quick-witted. Therefore, the combination of the Monkey and Horse is very powerful and can fasten your steps up the corporate ladder or have your business growing at a fast pace. The peach in the hands of the Monkey further enhances the strength of the Monkey and Horse combination by drawing in longevity, good health and immortality.


Product Information: 

Size: height 25 cm* width 7.5 cm*length 22 cm, weight 1.8 kg

Material: Brass


Details of Product:

Have the figurine of a monkey and a horse placed in the south horse sector. Let it be positioned facing you and not looking towards the exterior.


To improve your business if you're a retailer, you can have the figurine positioned towards your register.


To have a successful business, business owners should place the figurine in the south sector of their desk or business place, riding towards them.


 Wealth: Have the statue placed in the southeast sector if you are facing poor finances, so as to represent triumph over money problems.


 Education: Have the statue set in the northeast sector (education sector) to improve your studies or educational status.

For career-minded people and individuals in need of promotion, the Monkey atop Horse is a perfect fit for them. Have the statue placed on your work desk or in the North career sector according to Pakua's Aspiration Trigram. It will enable you to overcome your office rivals and pave the way to promotional opportunities. In addition, it will make you feel more lively and energetic, and will also improve your relationship with your coworkers, making it possible to garner support from superiors and subordinates.