Feng Shui Carpet 5 Colors Available

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A carpet that is harmonious in composition and symbolizes auspicious patterns. It is pleasing to the eye and calm.



Product Information

Size: 60cm*160cm

Material: Coral fleece

In general, patterns have their own five-line attributes. For example, the wavy shape of the five elements is water, the straight stripes are wood, the star-shaped, pyramid-like patterns are fire, the plaid pattern is earthy, and the round is gold. When choosing a carpet pattern, it is necessary to consider the orientation and color in the room where the carpet is located, which can bring good fortune to the family.









Carpet is the simplest accessory to change the home feng shui. Because the carpet often covers a large area, it has a dominant position in the overall effect. Therefore, in addition to using the color and pattern of the carpet to introduce a good gas field to enhance the wealth, the orientation of the carpet is also Be especially particular about it.