Feng Shui Ceramic Laughing Buddha Perfume Container

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The Laughing Buddha is a loved and revered figure across the world. You will find him in homes, business places, restaurants and other places. He's the Buddha of abundance and happiness and also referred to as the “Buddha of Wealth”. There is a belief that he is able to bring prosperity and wealth to businesses or homes.

The Laughing Buddha Symbols Meaning


The Laughing Buddha is usually portrayed with a variety of symbols. More often than not, he's depicted with beads hanging from his neck. In most cases, these beads are called the pearls of wisdom. There are people who meditate that love to place the Laughing Buddha with the beads near their place of meditation.


For Wealth and Prosperity


The Laughing Buddha statue you should very is the one with gold nuggets if obtaining wealth and prosperity is your aim. You will find some statues to feature a pot of gold, while others come with a bag filled with gold nuggets. Another good choice of a laughing Buddha statue is the one with a wealth ball. The wealth ball helps to bring in prosperity.

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Size: height 10 cm* width: 14 cm*length 10.5 cm

Material: Ceramic


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Where to Place the Laughing Buddha in Your Home?


Have the Laughing Buddha placed in your living room or entrance hall, looking towards your door.


Another place you can put the Laughing Buddha is in your office or place for work.


The Laughing Buddha should not be allowed to be kept on any electronic devices or in the bathroom.


It's a sign of disrespect and dishonor to place the laughing Buddha on the floor, and he should never be placed in your bedroom.

 Being a Buddhist is not a prerequisite to displaying a Laughing Buddha statue in your home. There a lot of non-Buddhist persons that have a Laughing Buddha in their homes.


The Laughing Buddha only serve to provide you with good energy, prosperity and luck. He's not a god that he should be worshipped.


The laughing Buddha serve a constant reminder to people to smile, be happy and have fun.


With this positive attitude, you will be able to obtain more blessing of prosperity.