Feng Shui Cochin Ware Mandarin Ducks

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Mandarin ducks are known in Chinese as yuan yang, where yuan are male mandarin ducks and yang are their female counterparts. Mandarin ducks are widely believed in traditional Chinese culture to be lifelong partners, setting them apart from other species of ducks. This makes them be seen as a symbol of conjugal affection and fidelity, and from time to time, they appear in Chinese art. 

Mandarin ducks in Feng Shui are usually a pair of ducks carved as figurines and are kept in homes to promote and attract love

By having a pair of Mandarin ducks figurine in your home, you can bolster the relationship between you and your partner.

You have to adjust your attitude to the love represented by these ducks and must be willing to give and receive this strong sensation of affection.

If you're yet to find your love partner, you can get two Mandarin duck figurines or a picture of it so as to possibly fasten the process of discovering your soulmate.

You can also keep a pair of Mandarin ducks if you're searching for your soulmate, perfect life partner or you simply want to attract your dream girl or Mr. Right.

If things are going wrong in your marriage, you set things right by keeping a pair of Mandarin ducks.



Product Information: 

Size: 13.5 cm* 8.8 cm* 13 cm

Material: Cochin Ware


Details of Product:

"Two mandarin ducks playing in the water" is a well-known Chinese proverb represent the love between couples. As a symbol of wedded bliss and fidelity, the Mandarin ducks appear in traditional Chinese weddings.


In reality, two Mandarin ducks are partners and any form of separation can lead to untimely death as they can't survive without one another. Which is why they are known as love ducks.

Cochin ware, or Jiaozhi ware is a type of Chinese pottery.  

At that time, Cochin ware consisted mainly of decorations for the walls and roof ridges of temples, including human figures, animals, birds, and flowers in bright, glossy colors.

 Lotus flower is a symbol of purity, love and elegance.

All forms of Mandarin ducks products are have always been the best gift for weddings. They are also the most perfect way to express your best wishes to the happy couple.

Placement of Mandarin Ducks – What to Follow

  1. Keep them in a pair and facing each other.
  2. Have them placed in the Southwest corner or love spot of your home.
  3. The bedroom is a good place to keep them. You can place them on your side table if you're single, or at your husband's side if you're married.
  4. The living room is another area where you can keep them.
  5. The ducks should be placed in clean, fresh, well-lit area.
  6. Replace the ducks if one of them gets broken.

Placement of the Mandarin Ducks – What to Avoid (4 Tips)

  1. Never separate the pair.
  2. Don’t keep broken ducks.
  3. No clutter nearby.
  4. No darkness near the pair.

Placement with Best Feng Shui Effect:

Can't be placed in front of the tolite or kitchin.