Feng Shui Copper Bagua

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The Bagua, which also called Pa Kua is an eight-sided shape Chinese symbol that is composed of 8 trigrams. At the center of the Bagua is the taiji or yin and yang symbol and arranged around it is the eight trigrams, completing the octagonal figure. Bagua is formed from the words ‘Ba’ which means eight and ‘gua’ meaning areas or sections, and together they translate to a group of eight symbols, with each symbol having a distinct meaning in the Chinese philosophy. 

Product Information: 


Concave Mirror Bagua:

Diameter: 6.5 cm, 8.3 cm, 11.7 cm, 13.8 cm, 18 cm, 22 cm

Convex Mirror Bagua:

Diameter: 3 cm, 5 cm, 6.5 cm, 8.3 cm, 11.7 cm, 13.8 cm, 18 cm, 22 cm, 30 cm

Taiji  Convex Mirror Bagua:

Diameter: 3 cm, 5 cm, 6.5 cm, 8.3 cm, 11.7 cm, 13.8 cm, 22 cm, 30 cm




Details of Product:

The Bagua symbol is also a tool being used in traditional Feng Shui. The arrangement of Later Heaven is employed as a map for the analysis, structuring and adjustment of the various spaces or physical and emotional aspects of life to actuate the positive chi energy and achieve both happiness and stability.

In application with a mirror or not, a Bagua is an effective Feng Shui cure. The Baguas are mainly used to safeguard one against the “Shar Chi” or the killing energy of poison arrows.

The energy of poison arrows are extremely deadly and it is from various intense features from your home surroundings. Among the things that produce Shar Chi are: lamp posts, cemeteries, hospitals, schools, police stations, magnificent structures, edges of buildings, sharp corners, places of worship, or landscaping structures. Poison arrows may also be generated from escalators or traffic intersections in which the movement of people is directly pointed at your home, for example, a T-intersection.

A bagua mirror combines the feng shui power of a mirror with the power of the feng shui bagua. They can offer protection for your home.

A convex bagua mirror is used when you want to reflect back the negative feng shui energy pointing at your home, be it the front door or any windows.

Convex bagua mirrors are used for extreme cases of negative energy, such as when a home faces a prison, cemetery, or hospital. The intent is to reflect the energy back toward its source.

A concave bagua mirror is used in feng shui applications when the negative energy, or sha chi, outside needs to be neutralized by being absorbed. The concave mirror will "suck in" the negative feng shui energy and neutralize it. 

The placement areas for Baguas are usually over doorways to a home or windows which may serve as an entrance for bad Qi. You can also place it over the porchway if you have a porch. 


You should not in anyway place a Feng Shui Bagua inside your home or office, as it may lead to injurious chi that can sometimes be deadly. Have the Baguas displayed at the chi entry points of your home or office; either in front of a window or door will be sufficient enough to drive away the bad chi.