Feng Shui Copper Camel

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Camel is regarded as a protector of the people, serving as a guide through difficult journeys and endeavors. The Camel has always been a powerful representation of perseverance since the olden days. This is attributed to the fact that they have the ability to store food and water, enabling them to survive in the desert for weeks without having to take in anything. The Camel will still help people journey through the desert even though its needs are not taken care of. It will provide the people with milk, meat, shade and transportation, and over time, the Camel became regarded as the protector of the people, serving as a guide through harsh journeys and strenuous endeavors. 

Product Information: 


Height: 21 cm

Length: 25 cm

Width: 10.5 cm

Material: Copper


Details of Product:

Placing the Camel in the office can be of immense benefit to businessmen. The Camel can help protect those who are on the verge of achieving success in their career from foes and any form of betrayal. The Camel can also help to put your career back on track and make it successful again if your business is facing a hard time.

In the time of great difficulty in both your work and daily life, the Camel can be a source of hope. 


They are excellent symbols for serving as remedies for overcoming hardship and coming out unscathed or even reaping some benefits from what was first perceived as a difficult situation. 

This is due to their resilient and persistent nature to survive in severe or hopeless environments, which are above that of other animals.

Placing a Camel figurine on your desk in your place of work can enable you to build easy pursuits and ensure your business ventures are unhindered.

A perfect Feng Shui gift for businessmen.

Having a Camel figurine on your work desk if your career is safely on-track can also help protect your investments and enable you to endure the challenges you will face on the way to success. 

Among the most desirable traits of the camels are patience and determination. They have double rows of eyelashes that safeguard them from severe storms and their feet enable them to tread lightly on all grounds.


For excellent feng shui associated to increase persistence and resilience in life:

  • Place the camel high up in a direction facing into your home, important rooms or office.


  • Place the camel in the north corner of your home or on your office desk to make the path you choose to take straight and smooth, and also enable you to successfully finish your difficult projects without hindrance. In addition, it will enable you to be clearly differentiated from your colleagues in the eyes of business management. It will also put an end to any problems you may have from office politics and difficult people. 


  • Placing the camel in your own sheng chi direction can help you out of rough times in their personal life. 

You can also apply the camels if you want a life that is smooth and free of any problems.