Feng Shui Copper Coins Tree

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Feng Shui trees are well-known in the traditional Feng Shui school applications as a Feng Shui cure. The use of a certain type of crystals in a tree is what an individual will first notice, as a type of crystals are usually found in each gem tree, which is the reason for it being Feng Shui.


Therefore, it is usually advised for a bamboo tree to be planted in front of the house. Flowering trees are believed to bring recompense. According to Feng Shui, orange trees are reputed for their wealth generating abilities and they provide benefits when planted in the South-East corner of the yard.



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Size: 6*4*15 cm 


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The main objective behind a Feng Shui tree is that as time goes on, you will gradually attain your goal; the tree you grow is from the seed you intentionally chose to plant. The image of a Feng Shui  tree is one of abundance and sufficiency; like the leaves on a tree, you just can’t count all its Money!