Feng Shui Copper Wu Lou with Five Chinese Coins

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The Wu Lou is popularly known in the English language as a Calabash or Gourd. It is capable of bringing into the home an abundance of blessings. Over the centuries, the Wu Lou has been a symbol of good health, prosperity and longevity. The Wu Lou (also called the Hu Lu) or calabash serves as an important enhancer in Feng Shui.

Product Information: 


Height: 14 cm

diameter: 5.5 cm


Height: 14 cm

diameter: 5 cm


Height: 14.8 cm

diameter: 6.3 cm


Height: 17.5 cm

diameter: 7.5 cm


Height: 19.5 cm

diameter: 7 cm


Height: 22 cm

diameter: 8.5 cm


Height: 24 cm

diameter: 9.5 cm


Height: 30 cm

diameter: 12 cm


Height: 33 cm

diameter: 15 cm


Height: 41 cm

diameter: 15 cm


Height: 12.5 cm

diameter: 6 cm


Height: 20 cm

diameter: 10 cm


Material: Copper


Details of Product:


The shape of the Wu Lou plays a key part in the way it's viewed; a portrayal of the unification of heaven and earth. The heaven is represented by the top half of the gourd, while the bottom half symbolizes the earth. Humans making use of this gourd shows a perfect balance between heaven, earth and humanity.

Five coins call upon the five "Emperors of the Universe" to safeguard you from harm and danger and also to bring forth wealth luck. In addition, five coins symbolize the five Feng Shui elements (metal, wood, water, fire and earth) for a balanced and harmonious life. The coins are tied in a red string and a mystic knot to bolster its energy.

According to legend, Taoist monks would use the Wu Lou for imprisoning evil spirits. Deities soon caught on to the practice and learned how to trap bad energies into the calabash too. In this way it became a symbol for enlightened and immortal beings in Taoism. Now practitioners of feng shui utilize the Wu Lou for a similar purpose: imprisoning bad energy.

There is a bagua on the Wu Lou. The bagua can prevents many dangerous events from occurring; it can prevent illnesses, accidents, depression and death of the members of a household. 

“鎮宅” means  protection of the house.



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