Feng Shui Crystal Globe on Ceramic Base

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Globes are a representation of earth which are generally used at every part of the world. They serve as a representative symbol of interaction, connectivity and communication.

The globe is an embodiment of increasing intelligence and unconstrained extensive victories. They are a Feng Shui cure of notable significance with a global appeal.


Product Information: 


Size: height 19cm* width 29.5cm

Material: Crystal and Ceramic 


Size: height 19cm* width 29.5cm

Material: Crystal and Ceramic 


Details of Product:

Globes augment mentor luck which gives a boost to your confidence and success and enables you to obtain these with little effort and help from individuals in advantageous positions.


Crystal globes are a powerful symbol of earth luck as they constitute and are a representation of the earth element. They are always at their most powerful regardless of the direction of the area of their placement. Students and businessmen will find the globes to be highly beneficial, especially for those that are hunted by literary organizations for their abilities to proffer extensive solutions and give intellectual opinions.

The smooth rotation and angle of the globe help individuals to easily picture change, progress and the furtherance of their ideas and accomplishments. In addition, the globe helps to encourage the growth of an individual's knowledge and provides good fortune in business and academics.


The globe is filled with earth energy which is vital to wealth and sufficiency creation.  


The elegant crystal globe is created entirely from pure glass in order to ensure its application in Feng Shui is highly effective.


There are several ways by the which the earth energy in the globe can be recharged, but the easiest is by exposing it to sunlight. The light is a representation of the element of fire and it's fire that gives rise to earth energy in the crystal globe.





There are many areas in which globes serve as a form of enhancement for Feng Shui:

1. Any business that strives to be prosperous in countries around the world, they need to place the crystal globe at any division of the business that handles money and engages with customers, such as cash registers, receptions and desks of highly important workers.

2. Place the globe in your private Sheng Chi location and the areas of your home or workplace where the auspicious #8 and #9 stars are located, and there's a possibility that you will experience a sudden windfall from time to time. 

3. The crystal globe can be placed in the children's bedroom or study desk in order to promote success in academics and provide them with good luck in exams.

4. For those who engage in journalism, news reporting, teaching, writing and own a media and publishing firm, the glove can help promote their fame and recognition. 

5. Place a globe in the northwest corner so as to obtain support from a key and benevolent people for your business, career and academics.