Feng Shui Crystal Wenchang Pagoda

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The pagoda is an ancient piece of architecture whose roots can be traced back to Asia where it serves as a temple.  The pagodas' layers are a representation of growth and rising energy. A majority of the pagodas are built in the shape of a tower with a wide base and gradually narrowing top to show the energy concentration resulting in a connection with heaven.


Product Information: 

The seven-tiered pagodas

Height: 32 cm

Material: Crystal

The nine-tiered pagodas

Height: 39 cm

Material: Crystal

The eleven-tiered pagodas

Height: 46 cm

Material: Crystal

 Details of Product:



The Education Tower is another name for the pagoda in Feng Shui and it's believed to generate energy that is capable of rejuvenating the beholder. Which is why it's commonly presented as a gift to students who are looking for ways to better their grades and studying abilities, and also to improve clarity and competence. Furthermore, the Wen Chang Pagoda is capable of transforming the negative energy in any environment into positive chi, bringing along fame and academic fortune, fortification and the ability to advance in any career field.

Moreover, the area of application of the Feng Shui pagoda is not only limited to education completion, but it's also widely known to bestow career individuals with intelligence and alertness of the mind, enabling them to create a better business environment and outlook. In addition, it can be used to promote good fortune in the area of health, since it has the ability to absorb malevolent spirits that are the roots of sickness.

Wenchang Wang , also known as Wenchang Dijun, is a Taoist deity in Chinese Mythology, known as the God of Culture and Literature.He is also at times referred to simply as Wen Qu, or Wen. The literal translation of his name would be King  of Flourishing  Culture/Language. He has historically been called upon by scholars and writers who need inspiration or help right before an exam.

There is a meaning attached to each pagoda based on the number of tiers they have:
The seven-tiered pagodas are a representation of the seven treasures of Buddhism and the seven Northern stars. They bring great compassion and creates prosperity and career fortune. 
The nine-tiered pagodas are a sign of all that is required to achieve a great outcome in academic and professional life. 

The eleven-tiered pagodas

Placement with Best Feng Shui Effect:

Can't be placed on a low table, in front of a window, bathroom or kitchen.