Feng Shui Pair of Resin Elephant

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Loved many and revered for its insights, the elephant is a well-known animal in various cultures (including Chinese, Indian and African) as a symbol of strength, fertility and intelligence. The elephant is among the Buddhist eight holy animals, and the Hindu God Ganesha is always depicted with the head of an elephant.

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Elephant with trunk up

Height: 24 cm

Width: 12 cm

Length: 29 cm

Elephant with trunk down

Height: 19 cm

Width: 12 cm

Length: 26 cm

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The Elephant has a highly important place in Feng Shui. Before the birth of the founder of Buddhism, Buddha, his mother had dreams about a pure white elephant, which is why the Elephant is regarded as a symbol of fertility. And it's now an important symbol to couples or singles who wish to have a new child. It is an auspicious signal that safeguards the user. 

Elephants are an important element in Feng Shui home decor. Feng Shui which is a Chinese practice of positioning things in one's surroundings balances the yin and yang in order to maintain the proper flow of chi

Elephant as a Protection Feng Shui Cure

Elephant as a Good Luck Cure

How to Place a Feng Shui Elephant

  • Having a single or pair of elephant statues placed at your front door can enable protection, strength and good luck to enter your household. Elephants are in some cases called elephants of many blessings. It's majorly believed among Feng Shui practitioners that the trunks of these elephants should be facing upwards so as to symbolize good luck, prosperity and victory. It's a belief among other practitioners that the elephants with downward facing trunks are a representation of conception and longevity. 
  • Placing an elephant or a pair of elephants in your bedroom can help bolster the love and faithfulness between you and your partner. Having them displayed in your study or office can also bolster love. 
  • The love and bonding between a mother and her children are represented by a statue of a mother elephant and her baby, and placing this statue in your family or children sector will help enhance this bond. 
  • Elephant statues should be placed in the bedroom of couples that are in need of a child. The number seven in Feng Shui represents children and you will often see people place an elephant statue or a group of seven elephants in their bedroom to activate chi energy for fertility. The statue of a mother and baby elephant also symbolizes fertility.
  • Having the statue of a monkey on an elephant or that of a frog on an elephant placed in the North sector helps to enhance career stability.

Placement with Best Feng Shui Effect: