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Fu Lu Shou, the three Feng Shui gods of wealth, represents happiness and prosperity, status and authority and health and longevity. Also known as the three immortals, these gods are popular lucky charms for followers of Feng Shui. There are numerous myths and legends that surround these three immortals.

One of the legends that have stood out is the belief that the three Star Gods (San Xing), also called as the three wise men, represent certain celestials’ energies that exist for mankind's gratification. We will separately explore each of the star gods' energies (Fuk, Luk and Sau).

Product Information: 

Type A

Size: height 14.5cm* width: 9cm* thickness 9cm

Material: Porcelain

Type B & C

Size: height 13cm* width: 6.5cm* thickness 6.5cm

Material: Porcelain

Details of Product:

Type A

 Fu in the Chinese calligraphy means blessings of good fortune, health and happiness. Fu is the wise man that is usually portrayed carrying a child or a scroll standing upright on its palm. This star god is believed to symbolize the planet Jupiter due to its good fortune and auspiciousness energy. The transmission of the good fortune to future generations is personified by the child, while the scroll stands for the significance of knowledge or (and) learning.

Lu means official’s salary in imperial China. This wise man has an energy of fame, wealth, stability and success. Lu is usually portrayed holding a ru yi (symbol of power and authority) and sometimes a golden ingot (a widely recognized symbol of wealth).

Often referred to as the "Old man of the South Pole", Shou is the Feng Shui god of longevity. He is portrayed having a long forehead, a warm smile, carrying a staff and a peach (representing immortality) and looking aged.

Type B

Type C

Placement with Best Feng Shui Effect:

Can't be placed on a low table, in front of a window, bathroom or kitchen.

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