Feng Shui Resin Dragon Boat

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The dragon boat is a representation of the plenty that the winds and waters bring with them. The Feng Shui wealth ship has a similar symbolic meaning, which is the energy of the ample sufficiency that is docking at your port, that is life. 

Product Information: 


Height: 30 cm

Length: 28.5 cm

Width: 13 cm


Height: 47 cm

Length: 45 cm

Width: 18 cm


Details of Product:

There is a belief that having a Feng Shui wealth ship placed in your home or office will expand your business and increase your profits, as well as bring you better wealth and fortune.

One of the most potent wealth enhancers that those who desire for wealth and success to sail into their port is the Dragon boat. The dragon symbolizes the Chinese emperor and cosmic chi is blown by the dragon(which is Feng Shui enhancement foundation) in order to provide you with ample sufficiency and good fortune. 

It will be of immense value to have the Dragon which one of the four Celestial Animals around your home, as an important symbol of Feng Shui. The Dragon symbolizes prosperity, strength and protection, safeguarding you in life from fatal energy.

The Dragon is capable of bringing auspicious chi to people, delivering wealth, prosperity a d good fortune to homes. The Dragon sailing ship is a symbol of the wealth brought forth by the wind and water. 


It's believed that you will obtain better wealth luck, more business opportunities and increase in income if you place a Feng Shui wealth ship in your home or office. And if you want, you can have more than one wealth ship placed in a particular area, as they will symbolize various sources of income. 

The Dragon ship is a great gift for corporate individuals such as businessmen, CEOs, managers, directors and high ranking officials, and it's also perfect for people with discerning eyes for a well-made craft.

Placed in crucial areas, the Dragon boat can be a key to the success of a business or one's career. Apart from providing you with ample sufficiency of wealth, the dragon boat also safeguards your present wealth from any kind of loss:

  •  Place the Dragon ship at a direction facing into your home from the main door (don't ever point the ship out ), so it can bring in wealth and manifold fortune luck at the entry points for Chi. 


  • So as to activate and augment your wealth luck, have the Dragon ship placed at the southeast corner (wealth corner) of your offices, business premises and family rooms


  • Have the Dragon ship displayed in your shop or office to attract more customers and obtain more monetary increase and achievements. 


  • You will be able to activate the luck of financial support for financial pursuits by displaying the Dragon ship in the Northwest sector


  • Business tycoons and success seeking businessmen are always advised to obtain a dragon ship. Vibes are sent by this symbol to our minds as a reminder of opportunities for financial pursuits. 


  • Have the dragon ship placed at the sheng chi sector, facing away from your the direction of your sheng chi.

Placement with Best Feng Shui Effect: