Feng Shui Resin Horse With Bok Choy

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The Feng Shui Horse is a representation of speed, perseverance, loyalty, strength and success, and it's one of the auspicious animal symbols. The Victory Horse and the Tribute Horse are a highly effective Feng Shui cure which is employed in bringing about mobility and success respectively and promoting good reputation.

Improve Wealth

The image of the horse in classical Feng Shui applications is known to provide the energy of famefreedomspeech and their resources. Red horses, specifically the galloping horses, are believed to be signs of strength and aggression. The place where these symbols are mostly used is the office as a good luck charm to enhance business success. White horses in motion provide businesses and households with a steady and smooth inflow of money. Horses have a connection with the element of Fire and the strong Yang (male) energy.


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Bok Choy means fortune, put with horse means  you will make a fortune  Immediately .


How To Use Horses in Feng Shui

Here are the Feng Shui beliefs about the placement and influence of horses:

To achieve a great reputation, fame or recognition among counterparts, put the horses on a desk in the South sector or corner of a room. This is seen as a highly effective placement area for individuals who are constantly under the limelight.                 

  • In the entrance way or hall – This improves all-around good fortune in fame and opportunity.
  • At work – It is believed to help improve your ability to realize your aspirations and surpass your counterparts without much struggle. This good luck charm is well-known among individuals working in competitive environments.
  • Facing a door – Place the focus of the horse's strong Yang properties on the factors that can affect you. With the aid of a horse or horses in motion, you will be able to concentrate again and they will guide you through the path to success.
  • Setting the galloping horses to face a room or into the home can enable their energy to enter the home; but in the case where they are facing away from the home or room, their energy will be going out of the home.


Placing two horses near each other or figurines of a pair of horses can help bolster personal or business relationships. A portrayal of horses in big groups (3-8) is a strong representation of power and victory. As a sign of partnership, family, or combined strength, grouped horses needs to be aligned with each other.