Feng Shui Synthetic Resin Blue Rhinoceros Jar

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The Blue Rhino and Elephant is a highly effective protective charm for battle, robbery, stealing and accidents brought by the Violent 7 Flying Star.

The unsubduable pair of Elephant and Rhinoceros is seen in Feng Shui as the greatest symbol of protection against business rivals, office politics, foes, backstabbing, robbery and accidents.

This insurmountable Feng Shui symbol of protection is the guaranteed and surest cure against individuals who seek to harm or deceive you and shield you from injuries and other extreme sufferings brought by the #7 Violent Star. The great history and characteristics of both animals have been a huge reason for bestowing this honour upon them.


Product Information: 

Size:20*8.5*13 cm

How To Use Blue Rhinoceros In Feng Shui

  1. You can put the protective and advantageous energy of this pair of Feng Shui guardians into use in a variety of ways - keep a plague or figurine of this cure in your home or workplace, or carry Feng Shui amulets like pendants, tassels or key rings with their depiction.
  2. Let the portrayal of the Rhinoceros and Elephant face the main door of your home. This will serve to stop individuals with evil intents from coming into your home. In addition, it will fend off accidents and robberies.
  3. Let the portrayal of the Rhinoceros and Elephant face the main entrance of your workplace or place it on your desk. It will safeguard you against rivals and foes, and also fend off robberies and accidents.
  4. The Rhinoceros and Elephant is a highly effective cure for the Violent Star #7 that causes burglary, violence and bloodshed.
  5. Hang a Rhinoceros and Elephant amulet over your car dashboard, put or clip it on your bag, or bunch it together with your home keys so as to carry it along with you everywhere.


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